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Naghree is born sometimes duting the ’80, just in time to have a pc and few of the first videogames in her home. All stuff she likes a little too much and she’ll never drop.

At school, teachers say she lives in her own worls, but they never tell her she can write that worls, so she spend her time drawing, sure that this is the right path for her. And she keeps going, she draws, she study drawing. Even if she’ll never really learn how to master it.

Meanwhile she discovers fantasy, with a little push by some (several, maybe) books and videogames (the good ones). And because she’s an orchess, of course.

And then, almost by chance (or just by chanche, not almost) she starts writing. And she never stops.

She loves to read boocs and comics, to write, to draw, to plan videogames she’ll never actually make, cats and to scare tourists with the scythe she uses for gardening.

She hates to write her bio.